About Us

About Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd
Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd was established in Malaysia since 2003. Headquartered in Simpang Ampat, Penang, we are a technological solution providing partner for compressed air product to all types of manufacturers from small workshops to large industrial corporation. Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd's product brand is preferred by many companies, as a brand that represents quality.
As an international brand and manufacturer of piston air compressors for a wide variety of industries, our aim is to offer efficient and low-cost effective solution concentrating on the needs and requirement of customer. Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd has established 3 branches in Peninsular Malaysia with multiple brands for selected distributor.
Company Overview
Primary SIC:
- Importer for air compressor, compressed air dryer, and filtration equipment.
- Manufacturing & assemble of piston & rotary screw air compressor, dryer & filtration equipment.
- Sales and service of compressed air system.
- Installation of specialized compressed air piping & pressure vessels.
We are a supplier of all types of air compressors. We have complete parts and service capabilities for these products in whole Malaysia through independent distributors. We are completely self-sufficient. We import bare components from our partners and other suppliers, and design and fabricate our own assemblies in our production facilities.
Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd is one of the biggest compressor replacement spare parts and compressor accessories importer in Malaysia. We have complete parts and 24 HOURS Emergency Service capabilities for these products in the Northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.
Our Service Commitment
From the process of sales, delivery, and after-sales service, we have maintained a commitment to provide immediate, quality service. Listen and understand customer needs, innovative and creative to deliver value. Our technicians are well-trained at the plant year-round; specialize in servicing piston type and rotary screw air compressor. They are trained to work on all system components, from air compressor to dryers and filters.
We have fleet of over 6 fully equipped service trucks staffed by experienced technicians, maintenance teams and sufficient parts stock to provide our customers services, including technical consultation, installation guidance, repairing, and maintaining of your compressed air system to keep your downtime to a minimum level. We are deeply sure that our first-class quality service will certainly bring more benefit to your company.
We also provide:
- Start-up assistance.
- Factory monitored maintenance program.
- Complete air compressed system load factor testing, analysing, and consultation.
- Extended warranty for Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd's air compressor.
- 24 hours break down service. Hotline Number: 016-412 6386.
Today, Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd stands ready to provide you with the best and fastest air compressor service available in Malaysia. When time count you can count on Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd.
Product & Services:
Reciprocating Air Compressor
Over the years, thousands of Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd's reciprocating compressors have been sold to industrial plants, auto and truck repair shops, and service businesses. For air compressors from ½ to 30 horsepower class, AIRGENS Two-Stage reciprocating air compressor is efficient to supply high pressure demand for your production needs. It’s component strength, quality construction, reliability, and low maintenance offers you the greatest value.
In the pet blow moulding industry, Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd has been supplying reciprocating high-pressure compressors and Booster compressor with operating pressure of up to 69 bars (1000 psi) for more than 18-years; we are very familiar with its stringent requirements for high quality compressed air.
As clean and oil free compressed air is very important, therefore oil free air compressors, filters, dryers and control systems are specifically designed to meet your strict requirements to produce high quality products. The products are superior in design, compact structure, low noise, low vibration, efficient air cooling, and easy installation.
We import bare components from our partners and principal in Europe, America, India, Taiwan, and China to fabricate own assemblies in our production facilities in Juru, Simpang Ampat factory, Penang.
This allows us a tremendous deal of flexibility in servicing our customers, assuring high quality assemblies and deliveries consistent with requirements at the job site.
Besides competitive prices for our product, we can also easily fulfil all special requirements by our customers.
All Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd's air compressor is assembled, manufactured, and tested to DIN-ISO standard.
ACP Rotary Screw Air Compressor
ACP Premium Series Rotary Screw Air compressor is the most economic, high quality & reliable screw in the market, it produced by one of the world’s largest manufactures of compressed air equipment; Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Group.
The SKK Series Air End rotor profiles originated in US and manufactured by Kaishan Compressor, the precision machined air end increases the reliability and operating life.
Our fast-moving range are 2in1 & 5in1 10hp which customer can choose to mount the screw on JKKP approved air receiver, optional with our ACP Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Refrigerated air dryer and ACP pre and after filters. These fast-moving products will be replaced most of the piston compressor market in Malaysia.
We also have ACP Permanent Magnet Inverter Rotary Screw range from smallest unit 10hp to industrial heavy-duty use 150hp. All units are coming with standard 2 years air-end warranty and customer can chose to have our Extended Air-end Warranty program till Maximum of 10 Years!!!
We also provide high trade-in offer with purchase of any ACP rotary screw, 50% money back guarantee and special discount on parts & free training on preventive maintenance service.
Material Handling Equipment
Airgens Machinery Sdn Bhd also joint venture with Avertec Sdn. Bhd. and form a Joint Venture company Avertec Airgens Sdn Bhd as the Northern Region Sole Distributor representing the Heli forklift & GEOLIFT Brand of material handling products.
We are one of the Malaysia leading and reliable suppliers that offer high quality of Heli forklift, hand pallet trucks, materials handling equipment (MHE), storage and racking system, and safety footwear. Our product range consist of the excellent high-performance series of hand pallet trucks, a full range of truck variations, scissor lifts, stackers, trolleys, lift tables, truck accessories and spare parts.
We are the direct importer and stockist of branded hand pallet trucks which enable us to offer a wide range of quality pallet trucks at a very competitive price. Our current specialized storage facilities allowed us to stock more than fifty different types of truck, scissor lifts, stackers, and trolleys. As such, it allows us to offer unrivalled choice of products with prompt delivery services.
Our Vision:
- Begin as the best in Northern region, followed by the best in nationwide. Our destiny is to promote all core employees to become company’s partner.
Our Mission:
- Continuous none-stop compressed air supply in SME production industries.